Single-satellite daily processing scheme Fig 1. Single-satellite daily processing scheme

Processing Automation

The processing is carried out using the Bernese GPS Software (in version 5.0), and its extensions for automated processing and own scripts. Standard Bernese Processing Engine (BPE) was extended to achieve wider functionality in automated processing. The first step of the processing is a daily single-satellite solution (fig.1). Its output (as a normal equations) is combined in a daily combination and then in weekly solutions. For the DORIS processing, various Bernese scripts had to be modified and further programs were added.

For convenient processing of longer time-series, it was necessary to develop an appropriate system of programs, covering all processing tasks (beginning by ftp download of observations and orbits and ending by an automated comparison of daily solutions in long time spans). Additionally, for the development purposes a versatile automating tool, able to process the calculation in many variants easily, was needed. Then extension of BPE was therefore prepared.